Mobile Application

Cars were a goal of life. Therefore, Nissan Sylphy wanted to be one of the main roles to increase the numbers of customers.  Nissan wanted to present the more premium image than other brands. Moreover, Nissan also wanted customers to join a campaign before the grand opening.

Concept Idea
Create a social app to broadcast news and make it viral.

Before the 1st phase of grand opening, to show the premium style of Nissan Sylphy, a social app was created with the slogan ‘the Aesthetic of Living’. This app would lead customers to find their aesthete. The app could collect their interests and likes on Facebook to show their aesthetic styles. Moreover, the customers could also know their friends’ aesthetic styles.

To show the premium image of Nissan Sylphy, an app was created for Smartphone and Tablet. Therefore, this app could show how premium Nissan Sylphy was with 360rotating image. It could promote online shopping, virtual shopping, and social media engagement.

More than 20 million people seeing this campaign
More than 50,000 people joining the campaign
More than 20,000 people registering the activity within just a month