Oishi snack wanted to create a brand named ‘Onori’ (Fried Seaweed). They wanted this brand to be the most popular snack of Thai teenagers.

Oishi wanted to create a game called ‘Onori, 4 gangs go fighting’ integrating with Facebook. Users had to choose their team, invite friends, and fight with them. The users could also fight with others. So, this campaign was interested by the users and their friends. Moreover, this campaign inserted Onori brand secretly in terms of special items for fighting.

How it works
– Choose a team
– Choose a weapon which is sword, bow, or shield
– Fight for the winner, so you can increase your level of strike or protection
– Choose the way to fight for 5 times before the game start
– Increase the chance of winner by using special items
– Fight with other opponents whose levels are not different from you more than 3 levels (limited at 10 times per day)
– Fight with a people in your team whose level is not different from you more than 3 levels (limited at once a day)
– Invite friends to fight with you (5 people, get a special item)

‘Onori’ became the brand that people talked about and shared on social network widely and quickly.
6,223 people registering the activity
35,602 times of sharing the activity
18,268 people inviting friends to play the game
49,812 times of game battle