Snickers Head not in the game


More 800,000 views in One Week!


– Create a real time marketing viral clip, combining football and the brand’s key message, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”
– Create a more positive brand perception among consumers.

The Challenges

– Deliver a positive brand message to consumers.
– Create a real time viral clip related to The World Cup 2014 in preparation even before the final match took place.

The Big Ideas

We combined the “You’re not you when you’re hungry” message, and football together into the concept “Head Not in the Game.” Don’t let hunger stop you from missing important events in your life. To visualize the concept and translate the intended message to the consumers, we compared important events in our life as the final match of the World Cup 2014. Basically, we show how a football player might miss one of the biggest matches in the history of football ever because of hunger. This is where Snickers came in and saved the day. The football player grabbed a Snickers from his friend. He stayed on top of the game and won the final match. All because of Snickers!

The Results

More than 800,000 views within one week
More than 200,000 views within 6 hours
More than 20,000 likes within 12 hours
More than 1,000 comments within 24 hours
More than 10,000 shares within one week
Engagement rate post went up to 77%
The media widely talked about the video clip on all marketing websites.
Positive responses from the consumers. More positive brand image.